Meet Halle Yilmaz

Halle Yilmaz

Halle Yilmaz is a self-made entrepreneur with a big heart. She is passionate about giving her SME clients straightforward, easy to understand guidance. Whether she is working with professionals, small business owners or their families, Halle gives solid advice that can create massive, rapid and lasting results for their businesses, careers and financial life’s.

"Halle is very prompt and reliable with strong business ethics. Working with Halle over 7 years has made a huge positive difference for us in risk mitigation, cultural change, operational efficiency and increased leadership performance. Now with less effort, we achieve better outcomes and experience a strong team engagement towards our business goals. Thank you, Halle! "
Attila Ceylanbas, CEO and Founder - Attila's Natural Stones and Tiles
"We are a tax agent based in Northern suburb of Melbourne. We have been working with Halle Yilmaz for the past 5 years. We have sent many clients through for financial advice and financial planning services. The feedback so far has been that Halle is extremely prompt and professional, and has delivered all the promises, which is also a great credit given back to our firm as we have sent many people through. We look forward to working with Halle for a long time."
Joe Balci - Business partner at Balci and Associates
"She is very professional communicator with a genuine effort to understand what you really want to achieve and guide you through customised strategies. Thanks Halle for helping us have peace of mind."
Gus Llano - National Commercial Manager- Visy Recycling
"I have been working with Halle for more than 5 years. From my own experience, Halle knows what she is doing. She is very professional in her field, and commits 100% for her client's success. The combination of her great business acumen, the attention to detail and her skill set to assess complex business matters have helped us tremendously in avoiding costly and impractical projects. Halle is easy and pleasant to deal with. Thanks Halle for your patience and willingness to help us. "
Deniz Biber, Director and Founder - New Generation Foods
"Halle is a very genuine and carrying person. The business is more than numbers game for her. I have a huge business and relatively big financial liabilities. I never thought to have a personal insurance, as I believed I did not need it until talking to Halle. After insuring my life and my family's financial future with Halle's help, I can see the benefit of experiencing peace of mind. "
Haydar Hussein, CEO and Founder of Jim's Cleaning Group