Business Consulting

Business Consulting

To build, manage and have a successful business Halle strongly believes that the right people, models and cash flow are essential. Plus they need to be assessed, measured, developed and reviewed continually to fulfil long-term goals and personal satisfaction.

Assisting a variety of professionals from small to medium enterprises, manufacturers to self-employed practitioners to realize new opportunities, create a stable business and rise to the challenge of growth and change, Halle provides the following services:

  • Analysis and development of a business case
  • Assessment of a project's feasibility
  • Business road map development
  • Project management coaching

Some of business ideas turn into successful businesses while some do not. It is very important to look impartially at your business idea and determine whether it is worth investing your time and money or not. It can be difficult to remain impartial about an idea when you are passion about. Thus, Halle will assist you in getting a qualified and objective perspective on your project before investing in it, and will provide consultation - if required - along the way.

Project assessment and mentoring is for clients whose objective is to:

  • Develop a new business opportunity
  • Assess feasibility of a project
  • Develop a road map for execution
  • Be coached on execution and management of a project

Your expected results from Halle's consultation including a plan to:

  • Ensure you invest in profitable and manageable projects
  • Develop a specific action plan
  • Effectively execute the plan
  • Build the leadership strength required to achieve  the expected outcome from  your feasible projects

Specialising in the above areas Halle has a unique ability to combine financial and business management tools to help you and your business access your full potential, expand your vision and more effectively influence positive changes in your personal and business outcomes.

Contact Halle today to find out how her services will benefit you both personally and professionally.