"I am very much satisfied with the services I have received from Halle. She has a caring and sincere personality. Halle also has the ability to understand your situation and cultural background very well. I am so much thankful for Halle and her guidance with our personal financial planning needs. Above all, she is very humble human being. I am sure and can guarantee that Halle will take very good care of you."
Suneel B Raina, Snr IT Business (SAP) Consultant
"I was referred to Halle by another organisation and I feel that I made the right decision to go and see her. I feel so comfortable with Halle. As she can understand my financial goals, and has helped me, restructure and improve my financial investments. If I did not have her as my financial adviser, I would not have peace of mind and confidence about my future that I have now. I will recommend Halle to anybody who wants to sort out their non-super, superannuation related investment options, and have their life and income be insured. "
Bill Wong -IT Specialist
"Halle is the type of person who is very helpful, honest and transparent. What I have seen through my interaction with Halle since 2007 is that she is very competent, trustworthy and has the best interest of others at heart. "
Michel Bachoir, Senior Reliability Engineer at Tronox
"We have found Halle a very trusted advisor and individual. Although her small body, she has a big heart! We highly recommend Halle and her services to anybody who needs to get a financial planning for their retirement life. Because of Halle's guidance, we are now so confident about accomplishing our financial goals. Her guidance is definitely life changing. If you are interested in making smart choices about your money and retirement funding, you need to see Halle. "
Elizabeth & Baskal Cini
"I had the fortune of receiving professional services from Halle in the past and I am glad to confirm that she is professional, reliable and overall very efficient in doing her job. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any business who would like to obtain a great service."
Hugo Alarcon, Director & Principal Psychologist - Self-Growth Institute