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Privacy Statement

Our privacy commitment to you

Halle Yilmaz and its related business – HQ Business Consulting is serious about protecting the privacy of your personal information.

We are bound by the Privacy Act to guide us in our responsible handling of your personal information. Care will be taken to protect the privacy of your personal information

When you trust Halle Yilmaz and its related business – HQ Business Consulting- with your personal and business related information, we know you expect us to protect it and keep it safe. We won’t let you down. This means that when we receive your personal and business information we:

  • tell you how we may use it
  • keep it in a secure way
  • make sure it is kept accurate and up to date
  • restrict how we use it
  • who we provide it to.

This document briefly explains the main ways we protect your privacy and how we comply with the National Privacy Principles. It also describes the types of personal information we may collect from you. You can get more detailed information on these matters by contacting us, or by reading the privacy notices we give you when you apply for one of our services.

When this document refers to we or us we mean Halle Yilmaz, its related business – HQ Business Consulting.

When this document refers to Halle Yilmaz we mean director and founder of HQ Business Consulting.

How to contact us

You can contact us about this policy or our products and services by:
E-mailing at info@halleyilmaz.com or visiting www.halleyilmaz.com/contact

What sorts of personal information do we ask for?

  • We will only ask for personal information relevant to our business relationship with you. So, when you apply for one our services we may ask for:
    • information that identifies you, like:
      • your name, address, business name and other contact details
    • information about your position in the company , the company’s ABN number, when you want business consultation and coaching services information like;
      • company’s financial statements including profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow
      • your employees details
    • your company’s tax file number
    • information about your intended use of our services.
  • When we conduct market research, we may also ask you for your opinion about products, services or staff. We treat these opinions as personal information.
  • The Privacy Act places restrictions on collecting sensitive personal information about you (this includes information about your religious views, ethnicity, political opinions, criminal records, personal health information or sexual preferences). Generally, we won’t collect this sort of information. However, we may collect some sensitive information if:we need it to provide you with a specific product or service (for example business assessment) and you have provided your consent for us to do so.

Why do we ask for personal information?

  • We will tell you the main reason for asking for your personal information when we seek it from you.
  • The main reason will usually be to identify you
  • Establish your needs and requirements and provide recommendations on strategy, products and / or services
  • Provide you with a product or service you want. We may use the information to:
    • check whether you are eligible for the product or service
    • provide you with the product or service
    • help manage the product or service, for instance:
      • when you make a query about it
      • when we want to contact you about changes to it.
  • We may use personal information for other reasons, including:
    • telling you about products or services that we think may interest you (unless you tell us not to – which you can do at any time)
    • preventing fraud and other criminal activity in relation to your accounts
    • helping us to run our business. This will include using information for:
      • training our staff
      • developing new products and services
      • undertaking planning, research and statistical analysis.
  • We may also ask for your personal information because we are required to collect it for legal reasons. For example, legislation such as the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act may require us to ask you for information to check your identity (e.g. by referring to your driver’s licence, birth certificate or passport).
  • If you don’t provide some personal information, we may not be able to provide you with the product or service you want.
  • manage complaints and disputes, and report to dispute resolution bodies; and
  • get a better understanding of you, your needs, your behaviours and how you interact with us, so we can engage in product and service research, development and business strategy including managing the delivery of our services and products via the ways we communicate with you.

Ways we collect your personal information

We collect your personal information:

  • by using written forms;
  • through contact over the telephone, your mobile or other messaging technology;
  • via the internet, including websites and social media; and/or
  • in person to person contact (e.g.; meetings or providing products and services through offices).

We will collect your personal information during the information life cycle, on an adhoc or a recurrent basis using the above methods. For example, we will collect personal information when you acquire a product or service from us. We will combine or link personal information we already know about you to other personal information we collect about you.

How do we collect personal information?

  • If it’s reasonable and practical to do so, we collect personal information directly from you. We may do this through application forms, over the telephone, the internet, or in person when you visit our office.
  • We may also need to collect personal information from other people. Sometimes this may happen without your direct involvement. Some examples of the people or organisations from which we may collect personal information about you are:
    • publicly available sources of information (such as telephone directories
    • your representative (such as a legal adviser)
  • third-parties (such as your lawyer, accountant, recruitment agency)

So that we can better tailor our information and products to your needs, we use technology known as “cookies” to collect statistical information on website activity, such as the number of people using our website and how they navigate through it.

  • When you ring us, we may also monitor and/or record telephone calls for the purposes of staff training and to verify statements made during the phone call.


Our websites rely on “cookies” to provide a number of services to you. A cookie is a piece of data that a website sends to your browser and which is then stored on your computer or other internet enabled device. Cookies are generally one of two types, a session cookie or a persistent cookie. A session cookie is a temporary cookie that is placed on the device and remains until you leave one of our websites. A persistent cookie will remain on your device for a period of time or duration specified in the cookie despite you leaving our websites.

Cookies generally allow our websites you are browsing to interact more efficiently with your device. Halle Yilmaz and its related business use cookies to collect and use information for a range of purposes, including; to maintain and improve the operation of our websites; track user preferences and product requirements to customise our websites and target and improve advertising or marketing relevance. We may also have an arrangement with third parties who may use our cookies to improve the relevance of our advertising to you on third party websites. You are able to use your browser settings to manage cookies. These settings may include deleting all or some cookies, not accepting any cookies or being notified when cookies are being used. Sometimes if you decide not to allow or accept a cookie, it may affect your use or the functionality of our websites. Please see our Online Terms found on our websites for more information.

Do we provide your personal information to others?

  • Sometimes we provide personal information about our customers to organisations outside our group.

Generally, these organisations help us with our business. These may include:

    • outsourced service providers such as mailing houses and telemarketing agencies
    • our accountants, auditors or lawyers
    • your representative (for example recruitment agency, lawyer, accountant).
    • We strive to limit the information we give these organisations to what they need to perform their services for us or provide products or services to you. We also enter into contracts with organisations locally and overseas who provide services to us. These contracts require the organisation to:
    • meet the privacy standards we set for ourselves in protecting your personal information and comply with the Privacy Act
    • use the personal information only for the specific service we ask them to perform or the service that we ask them to provide, and for no other purpose.
  • We may also need to provide your personal information to others outside our group where:
    • we are (in limited circumstances) allowed or required to by law or where wehave a public duty to do so. For example, a Court, a regulator (such as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission [ASIC] or the Australian Taxation Office [ATO]) or the police can compel us to disclose personal information to them.
    • you have expressly consented to your personal information being supplied to others. Usually we ask you to consent in writing (such as in our privacy consents). In special circumstances, you can consent by speaking to us. Or,
    • it can be reasonably inferred from the circumstances that you consent to your personal information being disclosed to them (implied consent). For example, your consent will be implied for us to use and disclose your information to inform you of products and services that we believe may interest you. However, your implied consent for us to do this can be withdrawn at any time by telling us. We may sometimes have to transfer your personal information overseas. We will only do this in accordance with the Australian National Privacy Principles.
    • In the event that we sell our business, we may disclose your personal information to potential purchasers for their conducting due diligence investigations as such disclosure will be made in confidence and it will be a condition of that disclosure to them. In the event that a sale of our business is affected, we may transfer your personal information to the purchaser of the business. You will be advised if a transfer such as this takes place.

Do we use personal information to market products and services to you?

We may use your personal information to offer you products and services we believe may interest you, but we will not do so if you tell us not to. We won’t sell your personal information to organisations outside our business. We will only offer you products or services, where we reasonably believe that they could be of interest or benefit to you. If you don’t want to receive marketing offers from us, please let us know by writing to GPO Box 40, Richmond, Vic. 3121 or by visiting our website (www.halleyilmaz.com/contact).We will act promptly on your request and will also ensure each electronic marketing message sent (e.g. by e-mail, SMS or MMS) includes a method that enables you to tell us you do not want to receive future electronic marketing material.

Anonymity and Pseudonymity

If you are subject to the Australian privacy regime, you have the option of not identifying yourself or of using a pseudonym unless we are required or authorised under Australian law or a court/tribunal to identify you or it is impracticable to deal with you anonymously or by a pseudonym.

Can you access your personal information?

Yes. Simply contact us to request access. This service is free unless the personal information you request requires research or preparation time. Before we act on your requests, we will give you an estimate of how much this service will cost and ask you to agree before proceeding.

Do we keep your personal information accurate and up-to-date?

Yes. We maintain the quality of your personal information by taking reasonable steps to make sure that the information collected, used and disclosed is accurate, complete and up-to-date. We encourage you to help us by telling us immediately if you change your contact details (such as your phone number or address). You can contact us to change your details by emailing us at info@halleyilmaz.com.

Is your personal information secure?


We will use up-to-date techniques and processes, which meet current industry standards, to protect your personal information from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

The only people who are allowed to handle or have access to your personal information are those employees of the HQ Business Consulting and those who perform services for Halle Yilmaz who need your personal information to do their jobs. We are all bound by the Privacy Act and the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) regulated by the Federal Privacy Commissioner to guide us in our responsible handling of personal information.

What if you have a complaint?

  • Although we are committed to keeping the promises set out in this document, we sometimes make mistakes. Fixing these mistakes and ensuring we deliver on our promises is very important to us.
  • We’ve put in place a way of dealing with issues you might raise quickly and fairly.

Please talk to us first

We aim to resolve your complaints at your first point of contact with us. So if you have a complaint about the privacy of your personal information, we ask that you contact us at www.halleyilmaz.com/contact. We endeavour to resolve all disputes promptly and fairly. If however, you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may refer your complaint to the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

Complaints must be made in writing:

- Director of Compliance

Office of the Australian
Information Commissioner
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001


Please feel free to contact us to:

  • tell us your marketing preferences
  • obtain more information about our privacy practices by asking for a copy of our Privacy Policy at www.halleyilmaz.com/contact