Business Consulting and Mentoring with Halle Yilmaz

To build, manage and have a successful business Halle strongly believes that the right people, models and cash flow are essential. Plus they need to be assessed, measured, developed and reviewed continually to fulfil long-term goals and personal satisfaction.

Assisting a variety of professionals from small to medium enterprises, manufacturers to self-employed practitioners to realize new opportunities, create a stable business and rise to the challenge of growth and change, Halle provides the following services:

Project Assessment and Mentoring
  • Analysis and development of a business case
  • Assessment of a project’s feasibility
  • Business road map development
  • Project management coaching
Business Assessment for Improvement
  • Cash flow and business dynamics assessment
  • Profitability and risk assessment
  • Cultural assessment
  • Executive coaching
Organizational Change
  • Executive coaching
  • Business model assessment
  • Team management and leadership assessment
  • Resource management